What is missing in US Soccer Culture?

​US Soccer culture is missing street soccer! Street Smart Soccer was designed to fill that VOID! Jurgen Klinsmann and other Top US Soccer officials support and encourage this type of play.

Playing street soccer toughens the player up - it makes you develop your individual skills and technique. Since it is played on courts the size of postage stamps you always have someone on your back, which is why you learn to pass the ball quickly and to dribble through a sea of legs.

When playing defense and the other team has possession of the ball you mark your opponent like a shadow - you stick to him like glue. In many ways street soccer is the school of hard knocks -it teaches lessons that can not be taught anywhere else!

Street Smart Soccer was developed to level the playing field and provide that same opportunity to kids here in San Diego.

Think about US basketball - why is the US the most successful basketball country in the world? It is because kids just pick up and play - they develop their 1 V 1 attacking skills by playing pick up. 

The goal of Street Smart Soccer is to help uplift the American Game of Soccer and put us on par with South America. Street Soccer is the game of choice for the best players on the planet.

Street Soccer filling the VOID!

Since 2007 our founders have been doing a comprehensive research project. The purpose of the research was to determine what makes the DNA of the best soccer playing countries in the world.

We started by asking the following questions:

1. How does South America , Africa and Europe develop soccer players? 

2. What type of training and culture produces the best players in the world?

3. Why are US youth players not developing at the same rate as other players form around the globe?

What we discovered was Street Smart Soccer is the answer to the missing void in youth player development in North America. Youth players develop in South America, Africa and Europe by playing small sided games on hard surface.


Our Mission is to help improve the US national talent pool with Street Smart Soccer. Providing a fun, relaxed environment developed to improve technical skills by experience and freestyle playing.  ​We are seeking to help US players get to the next level.

Our desire is to develop a new generation of American Soccer players who can dominate the global game!



Players become tougher by playing after playing Street Smart Soccer. This is an organic benefit, since they have no choice but to adapt to the street soccer methodology.

Players who play Street Smart Soccer can clearly dominate the competition in the areas of BALL MASTERY, FASTER PASSING, SMARTER DECISIONS & TOUGHNESS.