What most youth players WANT?

Players want to have freedom of play:

All players want to have FUN when they play the beautiful game. Sadly when we surveyed our initial pilot group the majority of kids told us that their competitive teams training wasn't very fun.

Street Soccer is designed to allow kids to play free of parents, coaches and other adults telling them what, when and how to play the game.  Parents in the USA are sometimes over involved in their kids soccer development.

Good intentions turn bad when over zealous moms and dads instruct their children on how they should play the game of soccer. Parents who only want to help their kids get an advantage often unwittingly have a negative effect on the development of their children. This is one major reason why parents are not allowed on the training fields in ITALY.

When youth players are allowed to experiment free of criticism and feedback they can discover and learn things in a natural organic way! 

Fun play is the best environment for a player to develop. Part of the goal of street soccer is to help player develop a passion for the beautiful game. When playing soccer in the street they can relax and create free of limitations.

Street Soccer in countries like Brazil is the only opportunity that many kids have to kick a ball. South America does not have all the wide open field space that we have here in North America.

Topography of the regions force kids in Brazil to play only on hard surface courts. This geographical fact has helped players in the South American region become the most technical and most efficient players in the world when it comes to ball mastery and balance. 


During our founders research and studies

we uncovered another glaring flaw with US Soccer society. Parents in the US are too involved in the coaching and directing process of their children. We recognize that most parents clearly have the best intentions for their child, however their over instructing and confusing, distracting or simply giving their kids wrong advice.

We all want to make our kids become independent and capable of doing things themselves. Street Smart Soccer is a game of survival! We want to help kids survive in the jungle world of US soccer. They need street smarts skills to get to the next level.

Why your player NEEDS Street Smarts?

Grass Soccer is simply not enough:

When we compare the USA to the most successful soccer countries in the world a compelling argument can be constructed that US based players NEED street soccer skills!

Our youth players NEED street soccer skills if we truly want them to compete in the international game. The street game gives players control and touch that simply CAN NOT be developed by playing soccer on grass.

Balance and skill are required to play hard surface soccer. Playing street soccer quickly develops a players ability to control the ball in tight , small spaces. Players are limited to small spaces and learn to keep the ball in play by using back spin and self passes. The limited playing space forces them to discover new methods to keep the ball in play.

Slide tackling is eliminated from street soccer forcing players to play more with their upper body and players develop better balance.

Faster feet are developed while playing street soccer making player more adroit and quick footed. Rapid small foot movement allow players to navigate throw traffic and maneuver their body and the ball through tight small spaces.

Attacking skills are quickly developed when players play street soccer. Since games are played  3 v 3 and 5 v 5 players get the benefit of constant 1 v 1 situations. Street players get the opportunity to attack and defend 1 v 1 they are forced to learn how to attack and defend in the most productive way. They learn to develop quick moves and get into positions for quick shots making them more attack minded once they rerurn to the grass pitch.


Street Smart Soccer & its affiliates work very had to create a safe training evironment so that players can discover new skills and improve their ball mastery efforts.

However sports are inherently dangerous and part of participating in soccer is understanding that injuries do and will happen.  Street Smart Technical directors strive to educate players on avoiding injury to themselves as well as their fellow athletes. Even with constant supervision players will get scrapes, bruises and rarely but it can happen broken bones.

How often should a player play?

The 10,000 hour rule:

In Malcolm Gladwell's book " Outliers" he suggest that individuals who practice a skill become masters most often after 10,000 hours of concentrated practice.

The book suggest that the most successful violinist only become so after 10,000 hour of practice and lessons. The book suggest that the same rule of thumb can be applied to mastering sports as well.

Part of Street Smart Soccer is to provide serious soccer players with the opportunity to gain the additional time on the ball or add additional hours of training to what they are already doing with their clubs and other types of soccer activity. Street Smart Soccer is designed to supplement and compliment these more traditional training hours.

Street Smart Soccer incorporates quality and quantity. Locations are selected where hand ball courts are available.

Session often begin and end by providing players with the opportunity to play "wall ball". Wall Ball is the act of kicking the ball back and fourth on the wall using both feet and focusing on form and function.

Wall Ball is helpful for players development of their week legs and feet. Strength and coordination is developed when players get to use their week side of the body over and over again until they start to develop control and coordination with their off foot. Wall Ball is something that traditional soccer simply does not offer. Shooting can also be improved by playing Wall Ball.


The program is designed to provide an organic, independent environment where players figure out how to solve problems for themselves. We prefer our parents to stay at least 20 yards away from the court so they have a distance buffer from themselves and their kid. Street Smart Soccer was designed to be free of anxiety and stress, to help calm down the players nerves as well as the parents.

Soccer Moms required to take kids to and from the training, but please allow the game to be the teacher. Mom please resist the urge to over stimulate your player with feedback and or criticism or advice. Let the game be the teacher- we promise it will work!