During 2015 Street Smart Futsal proved that playing Street Soccer translates into winning in futsal. Street Smart Futsal excelled in every competition we entered. In December we traveled to Long Beach and won the Outbreak boys top flight U9 Futsal tournament. Street Smart teams also won the 2015 / 2016 US FUTSAL Southwestern U9 Championship earning an automatic birth into the US FUTSAL National Championship. During this past winter season at 619 Futsal our boys U9 team went undefeated winning the bracket with a perfect record of 8-0.

Street Smart Futsal is an extension of the Street Smart Soccer model. We will be taking Street Smart Futsal teams into local leagues and tournaments so that our SSS family of players can look forward to having fun competing in leagues and tournaments. We play Futsal on Friday nights in the Davis Hall Gymnasium located on the campus of Army and Navy Academy in Carlsbad

​SPRING FUTSAL LEAGUE  April 3rd - June 19th - REGISTRATION DEADLINE is February 15th for Street Smart Futsal players.

We will be registering teams in the 2006 (Shuttleworth & Scordo), 2007 (Scordo), and 2008 (Shuttleworth), birth years.  We are currently only in need of 2 players for 2006 team, 3 for 2007 & 3 for 2008. Players must be approved based on skill by one of our staff members prior to roster approval.

Each team will consist of 7-8 players in order to maximize playing time for the each player on the team. The league is April 3rd - June 19th and no games will be scheduled on Easter, Mothers Day and Memorial day weekend.  The games are played at on Sundays at Miramar College or Canyon Crest Academy.

 We are looking for serious soccer players who are committed to not missing games and or training sessions leading up to the matches.

​​The total cost will be $195 for the season which includes the league fee, custom Street Smart jersey with player name & number,  coaches fees and will  also include 2 team specific Street Smart training classes.  For more information or to register your son please email streetsmartsoccer@gmail.com or text 949.903.4955.

Learning How to Juggle:

Juggling the ball is one of the best ways players can work on their ball mastery. All professional soccer players have learned to master the ball with their feet, knees, chest, shoulders and head. The following set of exercises where designed by Sean D'Arcy.  

1. Hold the ball in your hands and gently drop it onto your foot. Then kick it back up and catch it with your hands.

2. Drop the ball and let it bounce once, then kick it back up into your hands.

3. Drop the ball and let it bounce once, then kick it up with your stronger foot. Let it bounce once more, then kick it with your weaker foot back up into your hands.

Once you'r confident with those exercises you're ready to move on to using your knees.

4. Hold the ball up a bit higher than before and gently drop it. Lift your knee up, let the ball bounce off your knee and catch it again in your hands.

5. Drop the ball gently and lift up your knee so the ball will bounce up off it. Then let the ball bounce once on the ground, kick it back up with your foot and catch in your hands.

6. Drop the ball gently again and let it bounce on the ground. Kick it up once with your foot, then do once more bounce off your knee into your hands.

Now that your feeling confident, this is the time to go for your personal best and set your record for how many times you can kick the ball up with only one bounce in between each kick.