​​​​​​​​​​​​Current Street Smart Soccer Sessions

Carlsbad - Army & Navy Academy

Street Ballerz: 4-9 yrs old 

Fridays 4:30-5:30 PM

Last Summer Session - 7/27-8/24 (registration open)

Summer Camps - 

​Week 2 - 8/14-8/16

Street OG's: 10-15 yrs old

Fridays 6:00-7:00 PM

Thursdays 7.30-8.30PM

Summer Session - 7/13 - 8/24 (no class on 7/20)

Chula Vista - Sunset View Park

Street Ballerz: 4-14 yrs old

Fridays 5.00-6.00PM 

Summer Session 1 - 6/29-8/3 (no class 7/6)

Encinitas - Magdalena Ecke YMCA

Street Ballerz: 6-12 yrs old

Thursdays 6:00-7.00 PM

Summer Session - 7/12 - 8/16


Email: streetsmartsoccerbrad@gmail.com

Call or Text:760 637 6591



Ball Mastery is accomplished as result of Street Smart Soccer & skills quickly improve.

Self Confidence in the player naturally develops when a player develops ball mastery and confidence on the ball.

Street Smarts are developed and improved when players play street soccer. The game is the best teacher - players learn best when they get to play the game in a fun environment free of over coaching and pressure.

The Game is the best Teacher

      Street Smart Soccer



Youth soccer players in the USA are missing pick up style street soccer games. We believe soccer culture in USA should include free style pick up small sided games. 

Street Smart Socceris an organic method of free play, influenced by the street of Brazil but made in the USA. Stimulating creativity and ball mastery in the style of our players. 

Street Soccer culture is needed here in North America. It is not a secret that STREET SOCCER creates world class players!

Street Smart Soccer has set its mission to create & develop street soccer culture here locally in San Diego and kick start a national movement. Just play & support the movement.

Questions? Email Brad Green


​or text 760-637-6591

Street Smart Soccer was founded by Damon Scordo:

Street Smart Soccer founder Damon Scordo started doing research on the global game of soccer in 2009 when his two year old son Maxim started  playing soccer. After gathering as much information on the game as possible & having his son experience all the existing training available in San Diego, Damon concluded that the biggest missing link in US Soccer culture is the lack of opportunity for kids to play "pick up free style"street soccer. Hence he created Street Smart Soccer. Street Smart Soccer was influenced by the streets of Brazil but born in the USA on the hard courts in North County San Diego on October 2, 2015.

​Most  soccer federations including the US SOCCER FEDERATION recommend that young players play "pick up style small sided games" as part of their development. However the reality here in the US is that street soccer is not part of our soccer culture. The mission of Street Smart Soccer is to change that conditional state of non existence to one of common place. Our goal is to promote low pressure, creative pick up street soccer through the US.

Damon Scordo founded the non profit The Soccer Unity Project in 2012 and maintains a leadership role as the organizations Chairman of the board. Street Smart Soccer is an extension his work with SUP.  For those kids who live in the Vista Unified School district and are looking for an after school program please visit 


​  ​Street Soccer Directors

 Phil Shuttleworth      Bradley Green

The Street Soccer Revolution has begun! Come experience the fun for yourself, the opportunity is now available for all levels of soccer players. Playing Street Smart Soccer will improve technical skills, toughen players up, instill a new found love and passion for the game of soccer, as well as be an alternative to the typical boring existing training methods available in San Diego as well as the rest of North America.

Once players begin to experience Street Smart Soccer their game will change, their ball skills will improve, their comfort on the ball in small tight spaces will improve, their balance and overall soccer IQ will elevate. They will become more creative and tough, they will be better soccer players. Don't take our word for it allow your player to experience the benefits for yourself. Street Smart Soccer allows the game to be the best teacher.

The only knock we here from opposition parents when we beat their teams in tournaments is, " your team is to physical, they use their upper body too much".